Gift Baskets for all Occasions

Gift Baskets for all occasions

It comes up from time to time that people think that gift boxes and gift baskets are for certain occasions. We have it in our mind that they are great for Birthdays, and perhaps a few other occasions.

I have been looking at what can be done with Gift baskets recently. It is of great interest since I started looking outside the norm. My idea in looking was to ask the question; what are people looking for gift baskets for, and do the gift baskets that Olivia Kate sell answer that need?

Ok, so the most obvious reason to buy a basket is a great gift for a birthday. It is a gift for someone who might be a little fussy, or you may not be sure what to buy, or they might be one of those people that has everything, or of course, it is a gift for someone that you know will really love the items n that basket!

It’s going to follow that you could get a basket for someone for Christmas. What about Mother’s and Father's day? Valentines Day? I think the Olivia Kate range satisfies that need well.

Let's go a little more obscure now - a gift for someone retiring - check. A gift to acknowledge someone at work (an employee perhaps) that has done a really good job, or pulled off something incredible. Less common, but yes I think. Here’s a good one - the birth of a baby. We have a gift box, especially for that purpose. Give it to the parents though!

What are some other reasons that you might want to shop for a gift basket? I ran out of ideas at this stage. Easter seems a bit much to me. What other celebrations are there?

I wanted to make sure we had the ingredients to cover all manner of occasions as well and would satisfy a fairly broad cross-section of the public (although I wanted to remain selective in the process, choosing high quality over the usual).

The obvious choices, that would cover the above, was a section of wines and craft beers, sweet and savoury delicacies, smaller homewares, and elegant packaging.

The final part of the puzzle is, of course, fast on-time shipping.

Let me know what you think by messaging us on Twitter (@OKBoxes).