New Baby Gifts in Australia

So your friend, relative, or partner has had a baby. Is it traditional to bring a gift for the parents, or more exactly, for the baby through the parents?

Very much yes. And this is where it gets hard.

Traditionally these gifts have been baby blankets, stuffed toys, or (unfortunately) one of those helium-filled silver balloons they sell in the Hospital foyer (please don't do that. You don't have to buy one of our hampers, but don't buy the balloon). All fine gifts (the first two), but isn't that what everyone is buying?

And then what if you can't get to the hospital or to the home of the parents - what do you do then?

The obvious choice (especially since you know the website you're reading this on), is to buy a baby gift hamper.

The Gift Hampers sold by Olvia Kate are filled up with lots of great locally sourced products that it would take you months to find. Special items that we know any mum or dad, or baby, would love.

For example, our New baby gift box includes a bamboo face washer, Organic cotton jumpsuit, a handmade animal toy, and cream baby bath mix.

Items that have been hand sourced, and are sure to be loved. They can be delivered directly to a home, or even to a hospital if needed, or to you and you can hand deliver. We are happy to include a note too if possible.

We are mums and dads ourselves - so we understand what it's like. There are gifts that are nice, and you are thankful, and then there are gifts that are truly thankful for - they are special. They are practical, and yet beautiful all the same. You know the gift giver really cares, and that they really understand you.

We strive, at Olivia Kate, to make all of our gift boxes with that sentiment. And our baby gift boxes are certainly no different. High quality, but at a price you will be prepared to spend.

We hope that our new baby gift boxes are what you are looking for.