What Australians look for in Gift Baskets

As a new entrant to the market of gift baskets and boxes in Australia, we are highly interested in what we are looking for, and what the key ingredients should be.

In receiving and buying gift boxes in the past, we know exactly what we would want in a gift box. Here are a few things that we thought would be key;

  • items that we would actually use - we are sick of getting things in the gift basket that just get thrown away a while later, or even worse, just sit unused and forgotten in the back of the pantry
  • premium products, nit just the usual stuff that we all can buy from Cole or Wollies. Honestly, the gift basket has to show that you really do care about the person you have bought it for
  • a high-quality presentation. It has to show that care and attention has been put into the packaging. Because all the buyer has to go off of is a photo, you will need to be able to rely on the fact that the delivered product is going to look like that photo
  • Local Australian produce, ideally from smaller independent businesses

These are just a few of our ideas.

We spoke to a lot of people about what they thought, and there seems to be a large amount of agreement in the above points.

Australian Gift Baskets

When we started to look for premium products to put into our gift boxes we tried to find items that agreed with the above.

Oliva Kate wanted wines that we would not only be happy to drink, but represented a great wine for the price, and that you could go out and buy again if you wanted to.

We sourced some micro-brewed beers that represent everything that is great about the small breweries popping up all over the place.

We included a good balance of sweet and savoury products that you would actually want to eat yourself, not just look good or have pretty packaging (although they have that too).

Here is a small selection of just some of the products we are celebrating with right now (although fair warning, when you read this we may have updated to other seasonal products).

Do you agree with our selection and our philosophy on what we have included? Do you know about another product that should be included? Let us know your thoughts on twitter (@OKgiftboxes)