What is a Premium Hamper?

At Olivia Kate, we set out to make our gift hampers a more premium product.

Premium Gift Basket

At the outset, we had to ask ourselves, initially, what would make up a premium gift basket? Once we thought we had some answers, we then to turned to the type of person we expected to buy our products, and asked them the same questions.

Correlating it all, here is what we found; a premium gift box should include the following;

  • local produce from smaller or unusual suppliers. This is by far the most important. Australian made. The types of products you would be familiar with but could not just go out and buy yourself at a shopping centre.
  • high-quality wines and beer. We are lucky in Australia to have so many great winemakers and microbreweries to choose from. So many that we decided early on to change it up as early as possible. At worst that gave us the opportunity to try lots of different wines!
  • high level of presentation. The presentation is everything, of course, once the products have been worked out. Early on we decided to use gift boxes for our packaging. This has a higher level of sophistication over the more usual hampers and baskets (although they are still known as gift baskets!)
  • quality of ingredients and items included are what you would expect from a high-quality restaurant. By reflecting this level of quality we would have what we are looking for. 

The final point, and worth mentioning, is cost. While we found that people wanted a very high quality of the product, the cost still had to be acceptable. So this was an important consideration too - make everything affordable.

Premium Gift Box


So there you go - that is what it takes to produce a premium gift basket.

We would love to know what you think as well. We are always looking for new ideas for our gift boxes. What would you expect to see in a premium gift box? Jump on our twitter (@OKgiftboxes) and let us know what you think.